Local Emergency Planning Committees Meeting. Park County, Montana

Start Date: 05/14/2020


LEPC met today for first time since March 12 for its normal bimonthly meeting time......but this time mostly by phone. Greg Coleman, Dr Desnick and a few significant others were in person.
The mist memorable takeaway for me was again hearing about the efficient and timely County coordination, Relevant organizations, including Yellowstone National Park, began meeting and planning in January. By mid March a fully staffed Incident Command System was in place and continues to function. The closing of YNP has been a significant factor in flattening the curve of Covid19 in Park County.
Montana ranks second in controlling Covid19 numbers, just behind Alaska.

Dr. Desnick, the lead medical advisor, spoke to the fact that the county will be experiencing an uptake in visitors, particularly as YNP opens. She and the health department will utilize this change for an opportunity to conduct a pilot study on resurgence of the disease with more liberal openness. She also assured a questioner that contact tracing continues and says it’s been very effective.

Chamber of Commerce: working with local businesses and YNP to coordinate phased openings.
4th of July Parade will be virtual.

COAD: Very busy! Providing support, largely mental health and child care needs.

County School Supervisor: Cooke City School only one in County to resume.

Forest Service: They are hiring as normal for summer season.

One participant voiced concern that while Park County and Livingston plan carefully to minimize disease spread, Big Timber, 25 miles away in adjacent county, will go ahead and hold all community events. Greg Coleman and Dr. Desnick will check into this.

Agency: LEPC