MAVOAD Annual Meeting (Zoom)

Start Date: 2021-10-26

Description: * MAVOAD members voted for a Zoom annual meeting rather than in-person. * Emily Mew, Salvation Army, was re-elected chair. * Proposed bylaw revisions were reviewed and agreed. * A presentation by a member with disabilities was made on awareness of the rights and needs of people with disabilities in disaster preparedness and response. * Team Rubicon reviewed their local Afghan refugee aid. 9300 people are housed in 3 “villages” at Ft Dix in NJ. TR is responsible for fulfillment distribution of personal needs goods from warehouse to the villages—sometimes 15 trailer trucks/day. They also furnish homes/apartments for the local resettling of refugees in MA—so far a few dozen, potentially 1200 families to MA, but planning is still day-to-day. Specific needs are winter clothes, mattresses, and doctors and lawyers willing to do pro bono work. * An excellent workshop by Tzu Shi USA, the US division of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation “Mindfulness in Difficult Times” was also presented.

Agency: MAVOAD
Teams: None