MAVOAD Zoom meeting

Start Date: 2020-11-17

Description: FEMA Region 1 and the MA Emergency Management Agency joined this Zoom meeting. Massachusetts is reactivating for a massive resumption of Covid infections. The MA Emergency Management Agency requested specific VOAD member assistance: 1. Provision of clothes, meals, toys for families in Covid isolation facilities. 2. Delivery of food and grocery cards to low/no income families in isolation and quarantine. Funding is approved but procurement and delivery is needed. Zero-contact delivery will be practiced. One hotel houses 70-80 victims with 22 staff in one hotel. The state is preparing to open another hotel. FEMA Region 1 is preparing to elevate their response to Surge Capacity. NVOAD has surveyed all state VOAD organizations—“capacity survey”—results “pending”. NVOAD is preparing a uniform template for all state VOAD websites. 30 MAVOAD participants were on this call—a record high for a Zoom meeting. Stress was so high that even Brinkley was not able to provide a momentary diversion.

Agency: MAVOAD
Teams: None