Mental Health subcommittee meeting, Montana

Start Date: 04/23/2020


Today's Mental Health Team (a subcommittee of SW MT COAD) included a surprise guest - Nancy Dodd and her canine HOPE AACR partner, Yuki via the meeting app/Zoom! They were introduced at the beginning of the meeting. Attendees were invited to keep Yuki's presence -as a visual in the center of their screens - through out the meeting. One member in attendance commented on 'how many faces broke into smiles' during Yuki and Nancy's introduction.

The introduction period (which is designed to welcome new folks on these weekly calls) lasted about ten minutes, at which point the meeting continued until 10:30 a.m. Nancy was not sure whether she and Yuki would remain on the call, however they actually made it all the way through.

Thank you Nancy and Yuki for this virtual visit to our meeting!

Montana HOPE Teams will meet on a separate virtual meeting at 6:00 p.m. to discuss and debrief whether future virtual visits may even be considered.

Agency: SW MT Community Organizations Active in Disasters

Suzy Saltiel and Nancy Dodd with her canine, Yuki