Mental Health subcommittee under Mass Care's Committee, Montana

Start Date: 04/09/2020


This is the weekly meeting of the Mental Health Team which is a subcommittee of the Mass Care which in turn falls with the SWMT COAD. We had approximately 17-18 folks attending representing at least 15 various agencies and organizations across Gallatin County.

Updates from the Mental Health Community included local information of homemade masks being made for the various COAD committee folks who work with the general public, and that Salvation Army is to be used only for ordering surgical masks for essential workers and providers.

Community Health Providers are expanding their outreach to the community at large, MSU Counseling and Psychological Services are providing support for students who have tested positive and/or are quarantining themselves. They are also supporting staff who are identifying students who are struggling with on-line remote learning.

Concerns over public school students/families who do not have access to tools for on-line learning within the to support, provide equipment etc. That also led to an indepth discussion on how the BSDistrict is dealing with the lack of teacher oversight with each of their classroom students and inability to monitor child abuse.

Mary Martin brought up an interest in setting up a small group interested in discussing how to use HOPE dogs in a remote environment to offer emotional support, what that would look like and to whom would we perhaps serve?

Our next meeting will be Thursday, April 16th at 9:30 a.m.

Agency: SW MT COAD

Suzy Saltiel