Mental Health subcommittee under Mass Care's Committee

Start Date: 07/09/2020


Mental Health Team meeting (we are meeting once a month at this point) - Various members provided updates of their services and how things have been going over the past 4 weeks: some are providing limited number of 'in-person' counseling sessions, and all are still providing services via virtual meeting/sessions.

The Help Center's report data includes calls showing increased use of alcohol (up 85%), drugs (100%), eating disorders (300%), gambling (100%), anxiety driven concerns (30%). There are also on-going concerns with employment, financial, and housing/shelter/utilities insecurities.

Child care/well-being is an area of great concern amongst many supportive agencies across our COAD and County! Child safety, working families need for child care, and additional unmet needs were discussed. There is a state wide meeting on July 14th at 1:00 p.m. that will be discussion these areas. Some of the committee members will be attending.

Agency: SW MT COAD

Suzy Saltiel