Mental Health subcommittee under Mass Care's Committee, Montana

Start Date: 03/26/2020


'We are anticipating an increase in mental health emergencies. The Sheriff's department is reporting increased rates of attempted and completed suicides. The Mental Health side of this subcommittee wants to establish a collaborative approach to working towards agile, flexible care that appropriately addresses the needs of the community during this unique time."

The HELP Center has an on-line Mental Health Directory (Bright App) containing a database of local counselors for referrals.

HELP Center/211...serves 13 Montana counties where folks can call 211 of visit to access information about resources.

Michael Faust informed those attending how community M.H. partners are working towards creating a behavioral health "urgent care" that diverts individuals with mental health concerns out of the E.R. at the local hospital.

Michael, Christina will work with Johanna (Bozeman School District) to follow-up with collaboration with the BSD.

Mary will continue as the leadership for this subcommittee along with Michael (WMMH) and Christina (HELP Center/211) in an effort to NOT duplicate efforts with other organizations.

Meetings will be recurring weekly using the Zoom application/link provided by the Help Center/211.

Agency: SW MT COAD