Mercer Island High School Pediatric Vaccination Clinic

Start Date: 12/04/2021


This was a large event and we organized into two teams working 3 hours each with a team leader. We worked with the vaccination room primarily although we circulated through the after vaccine waiting room and the sign in room as well. Our teams were welcomed by all involved. The pharmacists were quick to request a dog. It was important that we had a Team leader at this event to look out for potential "melt downs while the dog teams attention was on the kids they were working with .

Agency: Costco Pharmacies

Jim Litz TL, Leslie Williams & Casper, Raquel Lackey & Bungee, Erika Brink & Spark, Jenny Buckley & Sage, Jeanne Jackson & Areya, Molly Fischer & Pickles, Debbie Cox & Cassie