MTVOAD, Montana

Start Date: 04/02/2020


MTVOAD is meeting regularly on Thursday afternoons. Today's meeting is a bit unusual in that it is scheduled for two hours. I was only able to stay through the first hour.

Ian led today's multi-agency meeting going through a set of slides which I didn't have access to due to my not having the app on my computer for this teleconference call. I used the telephone call-in number. DES and DHHPS both started off the meeting with their state wide reports. Then the rest of the meeting was a set of reports (some using the slides provided earlier to Ian, so that they could be displayed) by the active COADs, the Montana Tribal Nations, and Individual agency reports/questions. There was also an opportunity to address the "NEEDS REQUESTs" around the state.

I was asked directly to share an update for the "Mental Health, Emotional and Spiritual Care" subcommittee I am leading within our own SWMT COAD work for COVID 19.

Agency: MTVOAD

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