National Center for Missing & Exploited Children -- "Gathering of a dozen or so survivors"

Start Date: 2019/09/25

Description: This was our personal first visit to the NCMEC office, although we had done a drill at a hotel nearby recently. At that drill, we had met the key people from NCMEC. The first group in seem to be mostly survivors. We had been told that the staff would come in later. Lots of very receptive people, all getting on floor and interacting with our three dogs. A few "bubbles" came out, and we handled each easily and appropriately. There was a P.T.S.D. "service dog" present, and allowed to approach and interact with our dogs. First, while our three HOPE AACR dogs were working side-by-side, with no problem, they totally ignored the "service animal" dog. Then, since I was sitting on the floor, next to Sheryl, our facility contact, I just leaned over and asked about this other dog. Once our dogs ignored that dog, that dog did make a small "fuss" and was removed. Sheryl later said that she could "feel" that I was surprised and concerned that that non-HOPE dog was there. I told her that trying to read people's "feelings" is what we strive for, and our dogs seem to do so well.

Agency: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Teams: Shellie Goldstein & Emma / Sheila Consaul & Lucy