Networking with MT VOAD, SW MT COAD and American Red Cross - Feb - March

Start Date: 02/03/2022


Montana VOAD: met Feb. 3 and March 3rd - primarily various COADs around the state updated state VOAD on what is/is not happening within their local areas. By March's meeting, concerns are growing for another difficult 2022 Fire Season due to insufficient snow across multiple drainages and particularly in the eastern side of the state. The Denton, MT community has not reached out to MT VOAD as a whole for recovery services for their fire, but remain resilient and optimistic that they are doing fine with the individual services they have requested. National VOAD will be held in Baltimore, MD in May of 2022. Montana VOAD will try and hold a state wide meeting in June or September of this year.

American Red Cross - did not meet in Feb., but did on March 1st. - they are planning a CPR/First Aid class for their members on April 9th from 8:30-3:00. They are also planning a Sheltering exercise for May 21st...primarily to practice various Sheltering aspects prior to this year's Fire Season. Looks like we are going to have a normal Spring about of rain, but not enough to lift us out of the significant drought that continues across much of the state. Fire and flooding responses that our ARC folks supported were reported out. Disaster planning reminders were shared with emphasis on taking care of your family needs FIRST...then be prepared to support your community. Individuals areas of preparedness were discussed. ALL GOOD REMINDERS.

SW MT COAD met Feb. 16th and March 16th from 1-2:30 p.m......this group of multiple organizations/agencies that support three counties is working on plans for two TTex...."Earthquake and Reunification" (a FEMA sponsored virtually) and an in-person TTex at the May 18th COAD meeting primarily testing our COAD's "responses to two significant wildfires that break out in 2 of the 3 counties we serve". Various committee reports and updates were shared each month, Spring Flooding projections are being looked at, and discussions around disaster preparedness plans for your family, organization and community were emphasized.

Mass Care Subcommittee met on March 10th....updates were shared from Child Care, Feeding, ARC (sheltering) groups within MASS CARE. Mental Health, Emotional and Spiritual Care is not meeting. Disaster Preparedness suggestions were shared....with an additional update awareness of just how vulnerable our national power grid system is to cyber attack or warfare. YIKES!

Agency: MT VOAD, SW MT COAD and American Red Cross