Networking with MT VOAD, SW MT COAD and American Red Cross

Start Date: 01/01/2021


January 2021 meetings I have attended on behalf of HOPE AACR:

Tuesday, 1/05/2021....6-7:30 p.m.........American Red Cross........this group meets once/month to discuss monthly ARC fire and health support responses and updates to local area members. ARC across the country have implemented multiple trainings and support meetings virtually to update their new reponse protocols. Updates are also provided from the SW MT COAD, the Shelterin Task Force, and AHAD meetings (All Hazards, All Discipline - primarily consisting of 1st Responders). I provide an update on a subcommittee within SW MT COAD called, Mental Health, Emotional and Spiritual Care. Mental Health meets monthly, so I share what is happening within our local area. Emotional (HOPE AACR) and Spiritual Care are not meeting regularly.

Thursday, 1/07/2021....9:30 - 10:30 a.m.......Mental Health Subcommittee within SW MT COAD. This group meets monthly with 12-15 local providers who provide monthly updates as to how their respective programs are functioning within the community, what they are seeing a need for in their areas of support, as well as their respective resource needs may be going forward. This group's work provides mental health counseling and emergency behavioral health support to those in need.

Tuesday, 1/12/2021.......9:30-10:30 a.m.......Mass Care Committee meeting/SW MT COAD. This meeting covers updates from 4 main committees: ***Feeding (Gallatin Food Bank and Salvation Army),
***Sheltering (ARC...which is in a "stand down" mode at this point,
***Child-Care (updates with providers through Child Care Connections (0-5 years) and Y.M.C.A (updates include child care of emergency providers and teacher's children's needs).
***Mental Health, Emotional and Spiritual Care...again, I offer up an update from the monthly Mental Health meeting. The Emotional and Spiritual Care are not meeting regularly.......I do offer updates on the HOPE dogs ... IF THEY ARE UTILIZED during a given month (none Dec/Jan to date)

Wednesday, 1/20/2021......SW Montana COAD.....did NOT meet this month to give some respite to all the organizations normally attending.

Thursday, 1/21/2020.......3-3:30 p.m.......Montana VOAD hosted a briefing to allow for updates from MT COADs and various other organizations that had news to share. Most of the news shared had to due with various communities across the state of Montana working on COVID Vaccination responses as most are winding down Phase 1a AND GEARING UP FOR PHASE 1b.

Agency: SW MT COAD and Amercian Red Cross