Pacific University - Hillsboro Oregon

Start Date: 04/11/2019


Last night Sharon Thompson with Hannah (Pet Partners) and me with Jazzi were invited to attend a students presentation at Pacific University in Hillsboro, Oregon. The student Lindsey, is working on her Psy D at Pacific and is doing a project based on the therapy dog program with Washington County Juvenile Services that was established a little over a year ago and which Sharon and I have been a part of since it first started. She and a group of students are designing a way to evaluate the effectiveness of the dog teams in this environment. Lindsey, the young lady who is doing this project, was a mentor with Juvenile Services last year and followed us around a lot as we worked our shifts. We aren't sure exactly how they are going to compile their information but they assured us they will keep us updated and share their data with us. Should be a very fun and exciting project. Sharon and I look forward to hearing more about the results and technics used to collect their data.

This presentation was held at the college in a classroom with somewhere around 20 students. Hannah and Jazzi were amazing and not only showed by example the work we do but also assisted in helping with the students high anziety facing finals today. We were excited for this opportunity to represent HOPE. We are so grateful to HOPE for allowing us to work with the Washington County Juvenile Services court system and so far our presents has been received with great enthusiasm.

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