Park county MT Special LEPC COVID virtual meeting

Start Date: 07/09/2020


A special COVID virtual meeting was held with an agenda to assess how well Park County is meeting Phase I and Phase I diectives and guidance in key areas.
* Individual compliance. Locals/visitors
*School/youth activities
*Social organizations

Most of discussion was from business owners and Chamber of Commerce. In the face of rising numbers they all felt very strongly that to keep businesses open, they need backup on mask wearing and other issues. They almost begged for this from either local health departments or the state. This would relieve business operators from the burden of pushback by employees and customers. Explicit signage to be posted was suggested also.
A focus on bars and restaurants was seen to be necessary in particular. Dr Desnick stated said meetings with these businesses will take place soon.
No other issues were discussed
COVID testing Sunday July 12 at Park High School and again in August prior to school opening.

Agency: LEPC Park County MT