Roberta's House -- Rays of Hope 2019 Annual Reunion and Graduation Celebration

Start Date: 06/26/19

Description: Years ago, Yvonne met someone from this organization, and agreed to have a HOPE AACR presence at their big annual event. It was held outdoors, at a big park in Baltimore, more families, and we worked the event, as well as another HOPE AACR team. We have continued to visit each year, as the event got smaller, and went indoors. This event is their annual reunion, and graduation celebration. A few speakers, their graduation, dinner, "dance and movement", Africa Drumming, closing, and balloon launch. Roberta's House is a family grief support center, for families that have lost someone to a homicide. Having made this commitment months ago, we ended up having other commitments (training, nearby) both before and after. But we were able to get in the prime time. As they wouldn't let us in while they were eating, and we left as the African drumming, in same room, just a few feet away, was getting started. We are limited to a corner of one room. Our two dogs are great. There is no other space for other teams, and our two are not only all that is needed, these kids have grown up knowing our dogs, and look forward to seeing them each year.

Agency: Roberta's House -- A Family Grief Support Center
Teams: Shellie Goldstein and Emma