San Bernardino County Department of Child & Family Services

Start Date: 08/20/2020


The event was set up for a de-stressing for employees. Before we even were able to get the dogs out of the cars employees and security folks were coming up to us to meet Gunner and WallE. After we got into the building, we set up in an employee breakroom. Employees had been informed about our visit and were notified that we were ready for them. They came in as they wanted to meet the dogs. Some employees stayed for just a few minutes and others got down on the floor and stayed for a ½ hour or more with the dogs. Everyone who interacted said their stress level went way down! Most of the employees voiced a desire to have an ongoing relationship with our dog teams for employees and clients. The employees voiced especially how the dogs would be greatly beneficial during times that children have to stay in their office for days and weeks. As we were leaving the building, we were able to have interaction through a fence with three children. It was wonderful to see the joy the dogs gave these children and how the employee welcomed the dogs to visit with the children.

Agency: SB County CFS Office Yucca Valley

Katy Priest and WallE