School Safety Symposium IL

Start Date: 03/09/2020


Through contacts made by Susan Johansen and Connie Peterson a year ago at The Whole Community Training Summit, we were invited to speak at this event. The person in charge already knew of the HOPE dogs from an EMA conference she had attended. She warmly welcomed us and shared the story of Pickles, another HOPE dog she encountered at the EMA conference. Team Leader gave a presentation about HOPE dogs in this area and about our availability. After the presentation we circulated the room and let the dogs work their magic. This symposium had an attendance of 100 people: school personnel, EMA staff and School Resource Officers, so we were able to make a lot of contacts. We displayed our HOPE trifold and HOPE banner and passed out our fact sheets. One very worthwhile suggestion was made by HOPE indicating we could provide needed comfort after school Safety drills when both students and staff experience stress and anxiety. This was well received.

Agency: Will County (IL) Emergency Management Agency

Terri Rafter and Sweetie, Julie Bereckis and Deke, Janel Zuranski and Gossamer