Sinagua Middle School Presentation on HOPE AACR

Start Date: 2022-03-31

Description: Back in 'November, we had a deployment to Sinagua Middle School for a student death. The Social Workers and Staff at the school were very impressed with the HOPE Teams and wanted to learn more about HOPE. Very few people in the Flagstaff are familiar with HOPE AACR. This month, three students at Sinagua Middle School were assigned a research project on what it takes to become a Therapy Dog. The school social Worker contacted me about having some therapy teams do an interview with the three students, the Social Workers and school staff members. I thought this might be a great opportunity to introduce HOPE AACR. We arrived at the school and were met by the POC. Our first stop was in the gym/commons area. We talked with a few of the school staff and the Social Worker for a few minutes. At this time, unexpectedly, a group of approximately 25 students and teaches came into the gym. Beth gave a great presentation to them on HOPE AACR and Cinda talked about the screening process and all about the three day workshop. Afterwards, we were escorted to the school Counselors office area where we met with the three students doing the research project. They did an interview us. We then met with over 100 students in the hallways outside of various classrooms. The students and staff all seemed to be very interested in the HOPE Dogs and asked a lot of questions. Cinder and Mr. Moose did some tricks for the students and the dogs loved all of the attention they received. This visit was very well received by all of the Staff. I feel this was a big success with our first attempt to get the information about HOPE AACR out to the Flagstaff Community.

Agency: Sinagua Middle School
Teams: Beth Ells and Cinder