Southwest Montana COAD mtg.

Start Date: 04/15/2020


This is the portion of the minutes that covered my report to the COAD membership during today's monthly meeting:
Mental Health, Emotional and Spiritual Care, Mary Martin:
 Western Montana Mental Health was able to create a behavioral health
urgent care center
 Soft opening this week
 CHP has increased outreach to community at large and is providing both
short and long term mental health support
 MSU Counseling is providing services to all students and providing specific
support to COVID positive students
 Also helping staff with any students they see having issues on virtual
 Group is working closely with 211
 Triaging requests and connecting to providers throughout town
 Rep from Bozeman School District is collaborating with mental health team
and providing them with info on helping families who need access to
technology to participate in schools
 Vital discussion on Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness month
 Concerned about teachers not having eyes on students and they are
working on it
 Spiritual Side
 Working with 3-4 area chaplains who are willing to offer their
 Collaborating with 211
 If someone is having a spiritual or faith crisis, 211 will connect them
with one of the partnered chaplains
 Also working with GV Interfaith Alliance
 Emotional Care
 HOPE AACR looking at ways to connect virtually (THIS IS MY HOPE THAT WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO WORK ON THIS...I have a request in to those above me as to who I should visit with....but haven't heard back as yet.)

Agency: SW MT COAD