Southwest Montana COAD mtg.

Start Date: 06/09/2020


As a representative of HOPE AACR, I attended and/or facilitated the following multiple meetings within SWMT COAD which remains activated by Gallatin County's Emergency Management since mid-March, 2020 for the COVID 19 crisis.

June 9th....Mass Care Committee meeting is now getting together once a month for updates from the four subcommittees overseeing Food, Child Care, Sheltering, and Mental Health, Emotional and Spiritual Care (which I facilitate).
June 9th and June 16th....Communication Committee meeting is scaling down to once a month. There are only two pending Press Releases.
June 10th...Spiritual Care met to finalize response protocols 3 Area Chaplains will now be offering. Our 211/Help Center be handling this resource within their Data Base system much like they do for Mental and Emotional Health requests. This group is now meeting once a month.
June 11th and June 18th...Mental Health meets weekly to offer all representatives of organizations working in this area to update this subcommittee a chance to learn and support the needs within our counties of folks dealing behavorial mental health needs. This group is at a point where they will just meet once a month going forward for the summer.

June 17th....SWMT COAD held their general monthly meeting. June's meeting agenda primarily focused on COAD's COVID 19 "Lessons Learned" from mid-March through mid-June. Most of the comments were POSITIVE reflections of the growth, strength, collaboration, communication, coordination
and cooperation the now 40+organizations have experienced over the past 3 months.

Agency: SW MT COAD

Suzy Saltiel during the Mental Health meetings