Southwest Montana COAD mtg./Communications Committee and Mental Health Subcommittee

Start Date: 05/19/2020


May 19th....Communications Committee (a part of SWMT COAD) continues to work on Press Releases covering various mental health topics petinent to community awareness of current trends and resources available. Future topics of interest were discussed for the month of June (such as those concerning child care needs, elder care support, etc.). We met for an hour.

May 20th....SWMT COAD held its monthly meeting (1.5 hours)...where all committees and subcommittees could update the greater COAD group in this monthly meeting. Such topics updates included information covering Mass Care's subcommittees of: (most pertinent to HOPE AACR)
***Sheltering (the homeless/primary group in need), Food (Salvational Army's feeding of those for breakfast and lunch meals (over 100/day)
***Gallatin Valley Food Bank's efforts to meet the needs of those coming in for pre-boxed grocery items 50-80 families/day)
***Child Care for 0-6 age group and K-8...for essential care workers....phasing out ~mid-June when school districts are out for the summer
***Mental Health, Emotional, and Spiritual Care....Mary Martin updated on each topic....of particular NOTE* "HOPE for a Smile!" launching and now available for first 10-15 minutes of any virtual meetings going forward. Also consider offering to summer programs and state wide COAD/VOAD mtgs.

May 21st....Mental Health subcommittee meeting (an hour)...updating members of information and data points covering the last week. Again, I invited those attending this call about the virtual visits ("HOPE For a Smile" that are now available for early part of virtual meetings) Contact Mary Martin via email/phone.

Agency: Southwest Montana COAD

Suzy Saltiel (Mental Health subcommittee meeting and COAD mtg.)