Superior Health Foundation Gala (MI)

Start Date: 09/16/2017


In January, HOPE was selected by the Superior Health Foundation to receive a donation to train and deploy teams in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As of this date, we have received a check for $10,000 and will receive an additional check of $1,200 from sponsorships we generated for the Gala. The annual Gala evening was attended by over 300 people from the UP. Most of those in attendance were corporate executives, physicians, attorneys, accountants and other professionals. This was also an opportunity for SHF to do additional fundraising through silent auctions, drawings, etc. Over $70,000 was raised that evening. HOPE was well represented with 8 members and 4 dogs. The dogs, as usual, were the hit of the evening. Everyone wanted to pet them. during the course of the evening our members were able to share HOPE's mission and we made many new contact and friends. There were two highlights of the evening. The first was a professional video presentation about HOPE and our mission, especially the responses we did in the UP over the last couple of years. The second was the presentation of the check to HOPE for the development and deployment of teams in the UP.

Agency: Superior Health Foundation

Julia Meier & Ischgl, Brenda Eagle-Ransom & Raven, Keena Jones & Bella, Janet Velenovsky, Laura Fruci, Pam Bennett, and Kathy Whitehouse