U.S. Coastguard Yellow Ribbon Event, San Jose, CA

Start Date: 09/14/2019


We were asked to provide HOPE-K9 teams to this Yellow Ribbon Event in San Jose, CA for soon-to-be deployed Coastguard men and women. Since this coincided with HOPE's National meeting, I was the only NorCal team available.

On arriving at the facility at 11AM, the Guards men and women were in breakout sessions. Consequently, Molly and I were led to a "quiet room" set aside for the children. Accompanied by a childcare attendant, 6 children at a time were brought into the room, sat around Molly (who was on a down), and proceeded to thoroughly enjoy petting and interacting with her. Each, of course, received, a Molly "playing card." After an hour of this (involving 20 children) we then went to the exit thru which all of the families departed for lunch, Molly again on a sit/down/stay was (no surprise) enjoyed by another 30 or so attendees.

Agency: Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program