Volunteer Agency meetings for May 2021 - all virtually

Start Date: 2021-05-01

Description: May 4th...American Red Cross of Gallatin County continues to meet virtually. This month's meeting covered some technical work needs within its organization and several events including two large multi-family home fires (one in Cascade County near Great Falls and the other in Choteau). The other significant response included a Four Corners hostage incident. No HOPE AACR services were requested. There was also a virtual training showcasing the "Sound the Alarm and Homes Made Safer" program ARC is promoting due to the increasing number of home fires occuring. May 5th...I provided HOPE AACR (and Intermountain Therapy Animals) information to a high school senior who was working on her senior project. May 6th...The Mental Health subcommittee (within SW MT COAD) met and shared what was new within their organizations/agencies. We continue to learn of the need for additional staff to replace those leaving the profession as well as to serve the on-going needs within our communities. Funding continues to be generously given within our communities and the folks within our local United Way and working on yet another round of dispursement to so many in need. I updated those attending as to our work in Boulder, CO as well as the vaccination clinics in Park County that our members and dogs have so generously provided. May 11th...The Mass Care Committee (within SW MT COAD) met and updated everyone with the following: SHELTERING (ARC)...support of an individual experiencing a home fire in Manhattan, the hostage situation at Four Corners, and the Great Falls multi-family complex fire. CHILD CARE...providers are decreasing in number and staff shortages continue. Some area schools are looking into child care within their respective schools to help serve staff. SMALL ANIMAL SHELTERING...Heart of the Valley has purchased a trailer that they can transport supplies to a site for people needing supplies for their pets during a disaster. LARGE ANIMAL SHELTERING...continues to be worked on for future disasters. Mary provided an update on HOPE AACR recent supportive roles. May 19th....SW MT COAD....this month's general meeting focused on a presentation from the Bozeman Sunrise Rotary Club. They are interested in learning more about COAD as well as offering what they might be able to do during a disaster to support the community. The Emergency Managers of Park, Gallatin and Madison counties each provided quick updates as to their current status around COVID vaccination clinics and preparation for this year's FIRE SEASON (expected to be SERIOUS).

Agency: SW MT COAD and subcommittee meetings within COAD and ARC meeting
Teams: none