War Dog Memorial Service

Start Date: 05/14/2022


This event held at the War Dog Memorial was to lay to rest and memorialize four HOPE AACR dogs, Katie Lynn, Kayak, Raven and Bella. This was a formal memorial service including the War Dog Memorial K9 Salute team, U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. This event was attended by approximately 50 people not affiliated with the above listed agencies as well as various K9s. All four dogs cremains were laid to rest with honors.

Agency: Michigan War Dog Memorial & HOPE AACR

Nick Meier/Katie Lynn, Julia Meier/Kayak/Ischgl, Brenda Eagle-Ransom/Raven, Keena Jones/Bella, Angie Moe/Sunny, Bob Starr/Oliver, Becky Engelter/Ella, Katy Davis/Sunny, Daena Grifka/Kismet, Shay Jacobsen/Chia, Cathy Queen/Parker, Terri Rafter/Sweetie, Carrie Jones/Darby