Washington County Juvenile Services

Start Date: 04/28/2022


After two pretrial meetings (Feb. 10 and April 26) we assisted an 8 year old child as she testified during a child sexual abuse trial on April 28th. Jazzi and I sat with the child and her parents while waiting to testify. When we were called into the courtroom, the door opened and upon seeing all the people the child was overwhelmed, stopped and broke down in tears. Reality had set in so we immediately made a change in plans. The mom and dad went in to testify first while Jazzi and waited with the child in the lobby so she had some time to collect herself. After about 20 minutes we reentered the courtroom only this time I suggested Jazzi and I entered first so the child could follow Jazzi instead of having to look at all the people. She took her seat and I carefully placed Jazzi next to her in the witness box. The child twirled Jazzi's ear while answering difficult questions, not sure she was even aware she was doing that. I sat to the side so I could monitor Jazzi and make adjustments if needed. It went very well but stressful for everyone involved.

Agency: Child Sex Abuse Trial - Washington County