Wheaton College IL

Start Date: 11/20/2019


HOPE was invited to provide a presentation to a graduate level counseling skills class. To quote the professor:
"My clinical mental health counseling students meet with clients primarily in a hospital, private practice, and mental health centers. So, for the most part, they will not be meeting with clients after a disaster at the site of a disaster. Instead, they will meet with clients later following the crisis... I think that it will be very informative to learn what you all do and how dogs can be used in crisis situations. So, hearing your stories will be excellent. "
We met in class, prepared with our HOPE Banner and Tri-Fold. Terri Rafter opened presenting about HOPE, we each told meaningful stories about events/deployments, a robust Q & A session followed and we concluded with lots of student/dog interactions at the end.

Agency: Wheaon College, Wheaton, IL

Terri Rafter & Sweetie, Cathy Barnes & Anela, Susan Johansen and Sophia