Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Event, San Antonio, TX

Start Date: 08/16/2019


The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is a Department of Defense-wide effort to promote the well-being of Reserve members, their families and communities, by connecting them with resources throughout the deployment cycle. These families are either preparing for or reintegrating after a deployment.

We were requested to attend to have our dogs help promote the well-being of these families. HOPE had attended some of these events in Florida and MSgt Santiago wanted to have them in San Antonio, TX.

As soon as we arrived on Friday at 1400 hrs, we were interacting with all kinds of hotel patrons, staff and military personnel.

On Saturday morning, we attended the briefing at 0730 hrs and then set up our table. We had 2 teams setting up the table, and 2 teams interacting with people. We were quite busy, being placed right at the entrance to most of the events. Since it was Cowboy day, we ran downstairs and bought 4 tiny sombreros for the dogs to wear. They were a hit!!! During the classes, we interacted with other booth participants/vendors, so we were constantly busy. We interacted with approximately 400 people. We left about 1700 hrs to head up to our rooms for a little R&R before heading to dinner.

The next day (Sunday), we headed to our table and before we even got there, people were stopping to pet the dogs and ask about them. We remained at our table until 1200 hrs when the event concluded. We probably interacted with another 200 people. We left San Antonio around 1300 hrs to head back to Houston. Total R/T mileage was 468 miles.

Agency: Department of Defense

Jeanne Hooke and Rebel; Shannon Smith and Gypsy; Nancy Steger and Gus.