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HOPE Store – Order HOPE clothing, face masks, dog vests, SOS cards, trading cards

Update March 19, 2018:

Our logo for any items ordered on green fabric or a green background has been approved by the Board of Directors! The Board has also voted to keep the original logo in use with no expiration date. However, any new items that members decide to order will be the new logo only. All of our vendors have been notified that the logo for items in green has been approved and we are ready to move forward. If you have a pending order it can be processed. Thank you for your patience during this process.
The photo below is a sample of a canine vest with the new logo. The dog’s name will be in white.

Click here for instructions and how to get discounts! 2018 Hope Merchandise Ordering Information

To order Evergreen Mesh Polo shirts follow the links below:
Men’s: Men’s Evergreen Poly Pique Polo Shirt
Women’s: Women’s Evergreen Poly Pique Polo Shirt

  • I.D. Badges – K9Tag
  • HOPE Lanyards and Stickers.  We apologize, but these are no longer available.

  • SOS Cards – courtesy of member Claudine Singer (SOS Card Order)
  • In case of emergency file you can use on your own (click here)
  • Business cards – Minute Man Press $27 for 250 business cards Hope AACR contact must be on the business card.
    1. Please start a new email string with Chris: Eastlake@minutemanpress.com In the subject write:  HOPE Business Card – Member’s Name. (ie. HOPE Business Card – Charlie Day)
    2. Please look at the front of the sample card and provide Chris with up to 3 lines of info. Name:, Email: (optional), Phone: (optional)
    3. Please attach a JPEG picture of the dog that you would like to have on the back side of your card. Please note: Requests for any photoshop touch-ups to the pictures submitted will be an extra charge as it takes quite a bit of time to make these corrections to the photos.
    (click here for example)
  • Iconix – Trading cards. ALL contact information should be HOPE AACR only rather than personal contact info. Please email Karen Cowan: karen@iconix.biz

Iconix has a template on hand where they drop in your dog’s picture and appropriate text/copy. Please respond w/pictures and copy. For canine card customers, Iconix extends a discounted rate of $12.50/15 minutes for design time, when needed. This is above and beyond the 15 minutes included. Please note that in most cases, extra design time is not required AND Iconix would tell you up front before proceeding.

TRADING CARDS: 14pt gloss, full color/UV coat both sides, 2.5 x 3.5. Production turn time is 2-4 business days plus shipping time. Pricing as of August 2019 100 cards: $48.95; 250 cards: $49.95;  500 cards: $51.95;  1,000 cards: $54.95;  2,500 cards: $64.95;  5,000 cards: $79.95. If you’d like higher quantities quoted, they can be done upon request.

Iconix – Tips for Dog Photos
•    Go into your device settings and choose the highest resolution allowable before taking your photos
•    Choose a well thought out background: Not too busy, free of elements that are distracting or that you don’t want showing in the background, is of a color that is not too similar to your pets fur, and with adequate lighting.
•    A shot of the entire dog is preferred. This allows us the freedom to properly place/space/crop the photo. The better job you do of sending over a proper photo, the less time we have to spend on design time!
Team handlers and team leaders, you must be in your uniform and for canine teams, your dog must be wearing his vest.

Trading card back Trading card









  • HOPE Challenge Coins:  These Challenge coins are $10 per coin.  A challenge coin is a small medallion bearing an organization’s insignia or emblem and carried by the organization’s members. Traditionally, they are given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale. In addition, they are also collected by service members. In practice, challenge coins are normally presented by unit commanders in recognition of special achievement by a member of the unit. They are also exchanged in recognition of visits to an organization. Send a check along with how many of each you want to: 
Steve Booth
424 Bluebell Ave.
Placentia, CA 92870  49725