Regional Directors

Send Tina Jones content for this site that you want to share with each other

RD Responsibilities for Web site:

  • Can not be delegated as it has implications for who has insurance coverage:
    • Roster management (HOPE Roster Website Management) – click “edit” at the bottom left edge of the table
      (this is for internal use only – the open member directory is a separate file, as is the Oregon list)
    • Roster template Hope Regional Database Template – This is the only template to use for submission to the Roster Administrator and Webmaster. Please do not alter the template. Save it and enter the information for your region, then submit it to the Roster Administrator and Webmaster.
  • Can be delegated (you must let the webmaster know who needs to be given permissions):

HOPE info:


Teleconference and web meetings:


  • Please send Tina photos for this reference page.  You MUST send me a photo release form with any file that someone claims to have the form on.  I will publish the form along with the photo so we have it for future reference.  You can post photos that are for internal use only also.
  • New photo page (Amy was trying to upgrade!!!)
  • Click here for photos (photo releases are also included)

Thank you letters:

VOAD info:

  • Please remember to collect your numbers of contacts (customers served) – these are key for our VOAD reports!
  • State VOAD contacts 
  • HOPE National VOAD contacts are:
    • Melanie Dunbar (814) 504-7050
    • Myla Mitchell (404) 402-4144
  • Developing Successful Partnerships

FEMA info:

  • We have a central POC for FEMA now!!!  Our President is the agreed upon POC with FEMA.
    When the HOPE President contacts FEMA to get the invitation to for a call out, our initial availability (# teams, when available) must be supplied.
  •  FEMA Disaster Recovery Center Locator – to see where DCRs are activated
  • FEMA Voluntary Agency Liaisons – what do they do?
  • FEMA VAL  contact info, FEMA VAL brochure (also has contact info)
  • FEMA resource links
  • FEMA guide on how to get involved in emergency management