Roster Maintenance Page

  • Regional Directors are responsible for maintaining this official roster
    (changing phone numbers, addresses, removing inactive members, adding new members)
  • This is an internal, leadership only, page
  • It is the official version of the roster that will be used for:
    • Insurance coverage
    • Oregon law reporting
    • Election notifications
    • Open member roster
      (put a star (*) in front of any information that should not be published (phone, address, email address))
  • How to make updates:  This is a table like the service history.  Click on “edit” at the bottom left of the table to add/delete rows or to change member information.
  • Reminder:  Send names and email addresses for new members (or removing members) to:
    • Amy for:  website accounts & email distribution lists used for elections
    • Janet for:  yahoo group additions
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