Deployments 2003

DateIncident/StageDescriptionAgenciesHOPE TeamsRegion
01/01/03Sunset Hotel Fire - CaliforniaProvided comfort and support at a devastating hotel fire.Red Cross Inland Empire ChapterLois Abrams & Duke;
Taryn Hefler & Darby;
Katherine Gigandet & DeeNee; Pat Harper & Trudy
03/00/2003Line of Duty Death - Oregon (No specific date entered)Supported family, friends, and co-workers of a fire chief killed in action.Red Cross Willamette ChapterMarcy Lowy & Otis; Richard Lowy & OtisPNW
03/00/2003Deployment Briefing - Virginia (No specific date entered)Supported deployment briefing at Quantico Marine Corps BaseUS Marine CorpsAmy Rideout & JanieEUS
07/00/2003Line of Duty Death Memorial - Virginia (No specific date entered)Provided comfort and support at a memorial service for a fallen police officerHOPE AACRJill Cucaz & CusterEUS
08/00/2003 - 09/00/2003Virginia (No specific date entered)Support to FEMA operations center following local floods.FEMAJill Cucaz & Custer; Susan Rudloff & Jake; Chris Miller & Sprite; Dawn Eischen & GingerEUS
09/00/2003Hurricane Isabella -
Virginia (No specific date entered)
Provided comfort and support to shelter residents and Red Cross staffRed Cross National Capital Area ChapterAmy Rideout & JanieEUS
10/00/2003Rocori High School Shooting -
Minnesota (No specific date entered)
Provided comfort and support following a high school shooting.Red CrossSherry Arndt & RogerEUS
10/26/2003Cedar Fire - CaliforniaSupport provided to firefighters and people evacuated from the burn areas.  Worked at shelters and fire camps.California Dept of Forestry/
Red Cross
Dori McLaurin & Applejack; Katherine Gigandet & DeeNee; Lois Abrams & Duke; Taryn Hefler & Darby; Pat Harper & TrudyPSW
11/00/2003KOA Mudslide - California (No specific date entered)Supported victims and responders at a mudslide at a KOA campground.California - Dept of ForestryKatherine Gigandet & DeeNee; Pat Harper & TrudyPSW