Deployments 2015

Regional Directors are responsible for entering Service History information

Start Date
IncidentDescription and # of Days on siteAgency NameTeamsRegion
01/06/2015Middle Creek Montessori School Barn FireA holiday barn fire killed animals on a school site. Call out was to comfort children who were close to and cared for animals. One hour call outHead of School Susan Ellis (HAR) and Lucy; Suzy Saltiel and QuinnRMR
01/16/2015Bozeman High School Student DeathComfort special needs students regarding the death of a student the previous day. Four hours.Bozeman High School (MT)Nancy Dodd and YukiRMR
01/29/2015Buzzard Point Call Comfort and support Walter Britton and Jacob
Diana Lieber and Becky
02/02/2015Washington DC Naval YardComfort and support for employees who were relocating back into the building Naval YardBrian Flynn (TL)
Linda Limina and Angel
Diana Morse and Chloe
Nick & Julia Meier w: Jett and Katie Lynn
02/04/2015Kindergartner Student DeathComfort students and staff dealing with the death of a student. (Two hours.)Willow Creek School (MT)Gala Godwin and Zeke, Nancy Dodd and YukiRMR
02/04/2015Bravehearts Grief GatheringComfort adults and children who have recently experienced the death of a loved one. Weekly 1.5 hour session (6-7 weeks).Bravehearts, Billings, MTTanya Vaught (TL), Harry Schlitz (TL), SheIla Ruble and Quigley; Lyn Findley and Sierra; Jo Acton and KellyRMR
02/07/2015Dentistry From the HeartComfort and support adults and children receiving (as a rest of financial hardship) free dental care. (7 hours)Brewer Dental Center, Billings, MTHarry Schlitz (TL), Shelia Ruble and Quigley, Jo Acton and Kelley, Lyn Findley and Sierra.RMR
02/10/2015Victims ServicesA younger sister and her older brother were required to testify at a trial in which one of them was the victim. HOPE dogs comforted, supported, and played with children, while also being present to the adults (staff, social workers, counselor) in the room. 2/10-2/11/15 (1.5 days).Victims Services, Bozeman, MTSusan Ellis (HAR), Nancy Dodd and Yuki, Linda Karell and ChervilRMR
02/17/2015Victims Services/TrialComfort and support three children while parent testified during sentence proceedings of other parent. (Ultimately comfort and support adult parent, too). 2 hours.Victims Services, Bozeman MTSusan Ellis (HAR), Mary Martin and EllieRMR
02/19/2015Kayla Mueller Memorial
Prescott, AZ
Comfort and Support for grieving people attending the memorial serviceYavapai County Red CrossPam Reinke & HOPE
Pat Severance & Pilar
02/22/2015Washington DC Navy YardAnniversary of shootings at Washington DC Navy Yard. Comfort employees and families.Navy Family Support ServicesHarry Schlitz (TL), Linda Limina and Charlie, Diane Morse and Chloe, Lynn Graham and Claire Bell, Valerie Hendrix & Gracie, Heather Brazzell & Jordan, Stephanie Burnett & Sadie, Becky Gatchel & WillaEUS
02/25/20153 Children killed at a Crosswalk by a truck that ran a red light Candlelight Vigil Public EventAmy Linder & Casey,EUS
02/27/2015Ferndale High School death of a studentMemorial for StudentFerndale High School Chris Monroe & Pongo , Kathleen Laughlin & George, EUS
03/05/2015Every 15 Minutes
Orange County. CA
Comfort and Support participants in the Every 15 Minutes program as they visited the OC Coroners OfficeO.C. Coroner's OfficeKatherine Jarrett & Teddy
Leslie White & Lexi
03/13/2015Harrison School DistrictComfort and support K-8 children and staff after the sudden death of longtime AideHarrison School DistrictMary Martin (TL/HAR), Nancy Dodd and Yuki, Suzy Saltiel and Quinn, Lori Jacobs and Stella, Susan Ellis and LucyRMR
03/20/2015Operation Purple Camp (Teton Science School), Jackson WYSupport families who had service people who had returned from deployment during past 13 monthsNational Military Family AssociationNancy Dodd (HAR), Harry Schlitz (TL 3/20 and 21), Tanya Vaught (TL 3/ 22 and 23), Lyn Findley and Sierra, Jo Acton and Kelly, Nancy Dodd and Suki, Mary Martin and EllieRMR
03/23/2015Gardiner (MT) School DistrictComfort and support family, friends, and classmates following the drowning death of a father who saved his 13 year old son from drowning. Respond also to students who had a classmate (recent high school graduate) commit suicide.Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and K-12 counselorSusan Ellis (HAR) and Lucy, Mary Martin (TL) and EllieRMR
03/25/2015University of MT, Craig HallRespond to the recent deaths of two students, one accidental and one suicide.University of MontanaTrish McKay and Ben; Rebecca Annis and UrsaRMR
04/08/2015Every 15 Minutes. Chaparral High
Riverside County, CA
Comfort and Support students that participated in ProgramChaparral High and Trauma Intervention Program and Calif. Hwy. PatrolKathy Lowmiller & Mariah
Carol Betzer & Nikki
Kren Blackburn & Molly
04/09/2015Every 15 Minutes
West Valley High, Hemet, CA
Support participating studentsTrauma Intervention Program and Hemet USDKristie Bret Harte & Lily
Katherine Jarrett & Teddy
Jan Aven & Muffin
Carol Betzer & Nikki
Kathy Lowmiller & Mariah, Karen Blackburn & Molly
04/16/2015Bill Reed Middle School (MT)Comfort and support students and staff impacted by the death of a student.Thompson School District Jen VonLintel and CopperRMR
04/21/2015Willow Creek (MT) SchoolComfort and support rural school students and staff in response to student presumed drowned after accidentally falling into river.Superintendent, Willow Creek SchoolSusan Ellis (HAR) and Lucy, Nancy Dodd and YukiRMR
04/22/2015Young People Called to TestifyComfort and support for three young people testifying at a trial.Victim Services, Bozeman, MTNancy Dodd and Yuki, Lori Jacobs and StellaRMR
04/23/2015Every 15 Minutes
Murrieta Mesa High School
Murrieta, CA
Support participating studentsMurrieta Police Dept. and TIPChanta Chelin & Maverick
Carol Betzer & Nikki,
Karen Blackburn & Molly
Sarah Jane Chelin & Bailey
04/23/2015Memorial Bench DedicationDedication of a memorial/friendship bench in honor of a volunteer who passed away last August, 2014.Chipeta Elementary School, Colorado Springs, COJanice Mann and DanielRMR
04/24/2015Every 15 Minutes
Agoura High School
Agoura, CA
Support & Comfort participating studentsAgoura High SchoolBetty Walsh & Apache
Kristie Bret Harte & Lily
04/26/2015Memorial/Children's Hospital Rememberance Service (CO)Comfort and support families who had lost a child during the past year. Provide hospital staff support.Memorial/Children's Hospital, UC Colorado Spiritual CareSandy Miller (TL), Stacey Strobel and Roxie, Janice Mann and Daniel, Ann Ringler and Karamea.RMR
04/27/2015Grief Supportcomfort and support for Grief Center for Grieving Children and their Families Caring PlaceYvonne Eaton-Stull & Maggie
Diane Mann & Maji
Melanie Dunbar & Gus
04/28/2015Carmel Marathonsupport/encouragement for walker and runnersMarathon expoGayle Sprinkle and CharliePSW
05/01-2015 - 05/03/2015Operation Purple Camp for Military familiesBainbridge Island CampOperation PurpleNancy Royce & Ginny, Sharon Thompson & Darbey, Karen Hathaway & Sonny,PNW
05/02/2015Heroes on the Watersupport/encouragement for
veterans with either physical or emotional disabilities
Gayle Sprinkle and Charlie
05/05/2015Grief Supportcomfort and support for Grief Center for Grieving Children and their FamiliesCaring PlaceYvonne Eaton-Stull & Zeus
Diane Mann & Maji
05/08/2015Longfellow Elementary School, Bozeman, MTSupport and comfort for students and teachers following a student death.Bozeman Public Schools Mary Martin (HAR) and Ellie, Nancy Dodd and Yuki, Linda Karell (TL),RMR
05/11/2015Twin Bridges School (MT)Support students and staff following the death of a 2nd grade teacher.Twin Bridges School, MontanaSusan Ellis (Har), Harry Schlitz (TL), Jo Acton and Kelly, Shelia Ruble and Quigley, Susan Ellis and Lucy, Nancy Dodd and YukiRMR
05/14/2015Grief Supportcomfort and support for Grief Center for Grieving Children and their FamiliesCaring PlaceYvonne Eaton-Stull & Zeus
Diane Mann & Maji
05/18/2015Student Killed by a train Comfort Students and Staff Archbishop Thomas Murphy High School Christina Bunn &Spring, Nancy Noble & Banner , Kathleen Laughton & George
05/18/2015Student DeathSupport students and staff following the shooting and death of a student.Senior High School, Billings, MTLyn Findley (TL) and Sierra, Shelia Ruble and Quigley, Jo Acton and KellyRMR
05/22/2015University of Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 1 year Memorial Event of Isla Vista killings
Support & Comfort Students, Staff and Community at the 1yr rememberenceUC Santa BarbaraLaWana Heald & Robby, Pam Bertz & Rustee, Katherine Jarrett & Teddy, Jan Aven & Muffin
Kristie Bret Harte & Penny, Leslie White & Lexi, Sarah Jane Chelin & Bailey, Chantal Chelin & Maverick
06/06/2015Heroes on the Watersupport/encouragement for
veterans with either physical or emotional disabilities
Gayle Sprinkle and Charlie
06/09/2015Operation Purple, Indianacomfort and support for Operation Purple: camp for kids of military personal, ages 7-15 yrs. old,Camp carsonGayle Sprinkle & Charlie (t/l)
Leslie Nord & Bella
Barb Geno & Max
Vicki Vandenburg & Andy
06/10/20152 students dead and 2 injured in a single incident , Windward High SchoolComfort all before and after a service Good News Church Ferndale School DistrictKathleen Laughlin & George
06/11/2015Windward High School 2 dead and 2 injuredComfort Students and Staff on their return to schoolFerndale School DistrictKathleen Laughlin & George
Molly Fisher & Oscar
06/25/2015Weekend of TributeMemorial event, Littleton, CO and Colorado Springs, COThe Survivors' Network for Air and Surface Medical Transport, COKaren Klein (TL), Sandy Miller and Lani, Carolyn Shovlowsky and Oscar, Kathleen Kelley & Clancey, Ann Ringler and Kara, Janice Mann and Daniel, Stacey Strobel and Roxie.RMR
06/26/2015Coal City, IL Tornadocomfort and support for families involved with Tornado activity VOADt/l: Terri Rafter
Julie Bereckis and Boston
Deb Jones and Bailey
06/28/2015Coal City, IL Tornadocomfort and support for families involved with Tornado activity VOADt/l: Terri Rafter
Julie Bereckis and Boston
Jamie Altman and Bowzer
07/08/2015Operation Purple
Prescott, AZ
Support children of deployed military parents at campAmerican Humane Assn. and Nati'l Military Family AssociationPam Reinke & Hope, Penny Summers & Lilly, Renee Wierz & JackPSW
07/12/2015Operation Purple
Angelus Oaks, CA
Support children of deployed Military parentAmerican Humane Assn and National Military Family Assn.Katherine Jarrett & Teddy, Susan Harris & IzzyPSW
07/26/2015Operation Purple
Angelus Oaks, CA
Support children of deployed Military parent at campAmerican Humane Assn. & National Military Family Assn.Betty Walsh & Apache
Kathy Lowmiller & Mariah, Carol Betzer & Nikki, Karen Blackburn & Molly, Jane Horsfield & Kiss, Jan Aven & Muffin
08/06/2015Alexandria, VAcomfort and encouragement for employees with high stress rolesNational Center for Missing and Exploited ChildrenJanet Velenovsky and ImageEUS
08/08/2015Rocky Fire/Jerusalem Fire
Lake County, CA
Support and comfort at the Red Cross Service Center and the LACRed Cross
Lake Co. OES
LaWana Heald & Robby
Pam Bertz & Rustee
Jeannie Eagan & Annie
Sam Eagan Team Leader
09/02/2015Heart Butte Fire (MT)Offer support to individuals affected by fire evacuation near Browning, MT. Comfort and support school children and ARC volunteers. Support volunteers in Great Falls, MT.American Red CrossMary Martin (HAR, Harry Schlitz (TL), Nancy Dodd and Yuki, Susan Ellis and Lucy RMR
09/11/2015County Attorney assistanceComfort and support to teenaged person providing informationYellowstone (MT) County AttorneyJo Acton and KellyRMR
09/19/2015Valley Fire
Lake County, CA
Support and comfort all involved in the wildfire that destroyed 3000 homes and evacuated over 13,000 people, Red Cross Client Center, LAC and later FEMA DRCLake County OES
Red Cross
Katherine Jarrett & Teddy
Pam Bertz & Rustee
LaWana Heald & Robby
Jan Aven & Muffin, Harry Schlitz (TL), Jane Horsfield & Kiss, Leslie White & Lexi, Pam Reinke & Hope, Pat Severance & Pilar, Kristie Bret Harte & Lily
09/29/2015 - 11/10/2015Riverstone BraveHearts (MT)Weekly Grief Gathering for children and adults who have lost loved ones.Riverstone Health, Billings, MTHarry Schlitz (TL), Lyn Findley and Sierra, Tanya Vaught and Lucy Lu, Shelia Ruble and Quigley, Jo Acton and KellyRMR
10/05/2015Court Appearance, Billings, MTOffer support to a young woman testifying in court.Yellowstone County Attorney's OfficeShelia Ruble and QuigleyRMR
10/06/2015 - 11/10/2015BraveHeartsSupport of children and adults during loss of loved one(s)Riverside Health Grp.
Billings, MT
Harry Schlitz (TL)
Tanya Vaught/Lucy
Jo Acton/Kelly
Sheila Ruble/Quigley
Lyn Findley/Sierra
10/11/2015NAU Shooting
Support and Comfort those leaving as church service after the shootings on campusNewman Center at NAUPam Reinke & Hope, Penny Summers & LillyPSW
10/12/2015Roseburg Umpqua UCC Shooting Appreciation Event for first respondersNancy Royce & Ginny
Judi James & Emmy
Darlene Kellerman & Kozi
Tacy Calhoun & JJ

10/30/2015Undisclosed Location for Privacy Reasons, Los Angeles County, CAComfort and Support those who witnessed and/or were affected by a suicideCrisis Counseling Agency Constance Howell & Cigfa
Jan Aven & Muffin, Katherine Jarrett & Muffin, LaWana Heald & Robby
11/29/2015 - 12/10/2015Colorado Shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs 9 days supporting community, first responders and family of those impactedColorado Springs Police Dept. and COVAKaren Klein (TL & HAR)
Sandy Miller/Lani
Janice Mann/Daniel
Stacy Strobel/Roxie
Ann Ringler/Karamea
Tina Jones/Hondo
Alyce Blevins/Finn
Carolyn Shovlowsky and Oscar
12/08/2015Victims ServicesSupport of child and family before and after testimonyMontanaLori Jacobs/Stella
Mary Martin/Ellie
12/10/2015 - 12/12/2015McKinley Elem. School
Teacher death
Support of students and staff at the school and the teacher's funeralBillings School system counselorsHarry Schlitz (TL)
Lyn Findley/Sierra
Sheila Ruble/Quigley
Nancy Dodd/Yuki
Mary Martin/Ellie
12/14/2015 - 12/20/2015Livingston H.S. student deathSupport of students and staff following car accident Livingston Police Dept.
Livingston, MT
Susan Ellis/Lucy
Nancy Dodd/Yuki
Mary Martin/Ellie
12/18/2015Death NotificationComfort and support of students upon death notification of a teacher Quentin Elementary School, ArizonaPat Severence & Pilar
Marsha Sturm & Naelee
Rebecca Woods & Stormy
Karen Shepard & Brick
Marla Martella & Yodi

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