Drills 2004

DateIncident/StageDescriptionAgenciesHOPE TeamsRegion
05/00/2004New Jersey - Newark Airport Drill (No date entered)Trained in conjunction with emergency services, in support of mental health department.Newark Airport Emergency Services/American Red Cross Tri-County ChapterK. Canzonari; Alice Crans; Jill Cucaz; Shoe; Kathe Schriver; Amy Rideout & JanieEUS
08/06/2004Chesterfield, VAParticipated in the Determined Promise Exercise.Homeland Security; Chesterfield County Emergency ManagementJill Cucaz & Custer; Susan Rudloff & Jake; Chris Miller & SpriteEUS
08/21/2004Washington DCParticipated in EUS airport exercise at Reagan International Airport.HOPEEUS TeamsEUS