Drills 2008

DateIncident/StageDescriptionAgenciesHOPE TeamsRegion
05/08/2008U.S. EPA-Emergency Response Team Incident Command System Training Simulation - San Francisco, CAParticipated in this earthquake simulation drill for training Incident Command Staff.US Environmental Protection AgencyMary Nobbe & MasonPSW
05/10/2008Missoula Airport Disaster Drill -Missoula, MTThis was a drill simulating an airline disaster. Teams practiced de-stressing responders and the mock wounded. In addition the dogs were exposed to working near helicopters.Missoula Airport AuthorityJan Deal, Team Leader; Mary Martin, Team Leader; Lori Jacobs; Vicky Whitney & Major;
Vicki Lee & Chica Diva
08/30/2008Airport Disaster Drill -
Erie, PA
Teams participated in the Erie International Airport Disaster Drill.Erie International AirportYvonne Eaton-Stull & Maggie; Alice Cranston & WillowEUS
09/20/2008Fire Drill - Alpharetta, GAAttended a fire drill involving a structure fire. Shared with firefighters how our teams help.Alpharetta Fire DeptDeborah Hatherley & Tikva; Eleanor Hager & Maya; Susi Aga- TLSER
09/25/2008Homeland Security Drill - Spokane, WAParticipated in a drill involving exposure to a biological.Homeland Security; US Postal Service; Spokane Airport; Red CrossKaren Thompson & Willa; Lori Bryant & Zena; Karen Hathaway & Rocky; Nancy Royse & Buddha; Linda Irish & Maggie; Debbie Wing & EmmaPNW
10/18/2008Airport Drill - Lancaster, PAThe drill involved hundreds of first responders and second tier responding agencies and was centered on a fictitious airplane crash at the Lancaster Airport. HOPE was invited to participate by the local CISM team.South Central Task ForceAmy Rideout (Team Leader); Christine Bunce & Beamer; Shannon Bowman & Bravo; Laurie Brandt & KotaEUS
11/13/2008Great Shake Out Drill - Redondo Beach, CAParticipated in state wide earthquake drillCERTBarbara Hoelzle & Denmark; Melanie Davis & Coebe; Dennis Cajili & RileyPSW
11/13/2008Great Shake Out Drill -
Santa Clarita, CA
Participated in state wide earthquake drill at Henry Mayo HospitalHenry Mayo Hospital - Red CrossKaren Crum & Esther; Lisa Fry & Gizelle; Dave Valantine & Bonnie; Claudine Singer- TLPSW