Drills 2012

02/19/2012CERT TrainingIntroduction to the CERT OrganizationSan Juan Capistrano CERTLois Abrams & Duke, Jan Aven & Muffin, Pam Bertz & Cinder, Sue Daulton, Holli Hargrove & Naomi, Susan Harris & Izzy/Denali, LaWana Heald & Anise, Constance Howell & Cigfa, Kathy Lowmiller & Cruiser, Elizabeth Martin, Claudine Singer & Gracie, Deborah Yee Litt & ZackPSW
04/07/2012CERT DrillMock tornado drill in intercity building.CERT-Hamilton County Dwight DickersonGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
04/14/2012EMS Training DrillTook part in 6 drills, full participation with EMS in mock drills through out the dayJennings county EMS
Gayle Sprinkle & Charlie
04/15/2012Human CPR & First Aid & AEDAmerican Health CertificationUCI Medical CenterJan Aven, Pam Bertz, Kristin Bret Harte, LaWana Heald, Constance Howell, Claudine Singer, Martin Tolone, Deborah Yee LittPSW
04/21/2012 EMS State DrillDrill: stationed at a medical tent to interact with those emergency personnel on breaks from working the scene and those with minor injuries.CISM EMS State Exercise
Brenda Pittman
Rebecca Diamondstone & Summer
Chris Bunce & Beamer
05/12/2012Transportation drillHarbor Cruise, HornblowerSan Diego, CASusan Harris & Izzy, Pam Kitani & Hope, Jan Aven & Muffin, Constance Howell & Cigfa, LaWana Heald & Anise, Martin TolonePSW
05/17/2012Emergency Disaster DrillLeisure VillageCamarillo, CAJan Aven & Muffin, Constance Howell & CigfaPSW
09/01/2012CEN-Ready IndyDrill: Mock shelter sceniro. Apprx 25 displaced families unable to return to their homes.Mike BoylerGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
10/18/2012Hamilton Co CERTMultiple jurdictional Mock drill. Team assigned to waiting parents crowd control and waiting students with minor injuries to be transported. The team was very well received, we gave emotional support to the crowd while they wait.

Corey BoydGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
11/11/2012Bucks County Technical Rescue Task Force . We were present for the briefing meeting regarding the 2 scenarios being conducted.

medica and an emergency physician expressed more interest in utilizing
HopeAACR teams in the future.
Amos Hess-BCTRTF Patricia Hess and Aby
Debra Jordan and Jamie
Imelda Rocha and Bruno