Drills 2014

DateDrill TypeDescriptionAgencyTeamsRegion
03/17/2014Practice emergency drillSupport people awaiting medicine; visit with staff.Riverstone HealthHarry Schlitz (TL), Tanya Vaught & GinnieRMR
03/26/2014Medical disasterGraduation Drill for CERT Kilo class. Charlie and I had been assisting with the physiological and first aid portions of the training, we were the victims involved they had to tend to. Hamilton County CERTGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
04/10/2014Full Scale Sheltering Exercise supporting the mental health team. Medical Reserve CorpsNed Polan & Brinkley
Christine Palmer &; Koda
04/18/2014DUI accident w/studentsWalkabout Q&A Redlodge School DistrictHarry Schlitz (TL), Tayna Vaught & Ginnie, Lyn Findley & SierraRMR
05/07/2014Erie International Airport Drill HOPE Teams were invited to participate as part of the family center set up by the Am Red Cross. Teams comforted participant at various stations(intake, mental health, nursing, canteen). American Red CrossMelanie Dunbar, TL Malia Mann, TL
Diane Morse and Chloe Diane Mann and Maji Yvonne Eaton-Stull and Zeus
05/12/2014Vigilent Guard-Wide multi-agency, multi-county drill. The 2 HopeAACR teams were assigned to dcort. The scenario was a hurricane patients were injured when the hospital collapsedCISMPatricia Hess & Abby
Gail Thompson and Tani
05/14/2014Airline eventTeams at both hospital family support centers in drill of airline eventLEPC Yellowstone CountyHarry Schlitz (TL), Lyn Findley & Sunnie, Tanya Vaught & Ginnie, Shelia Ruble & QuigleyRMR
05/22/2014Simulated telphone conference/onsite drill
HOPE, along with other VOAD agencies, were to describe what services and personnel were available for this type of experienceMNVOADSharon Anderson
05/31/2014Missoula MT Airport drillProvide emotional support to family members in staging areaMissoula Emergency ServicesTrish McKay & Ben, Rebecca Annis & UrsaRMR
06/22/2014transportation training tripPatricia Hess & Abby
09/24/2014Medical disastermentoring hands on 1st aid. The last 30 minutes were actual Drill - various scenarios of injured victims. While waiting for the class to come, Charlie went to each victim and waited with them, helped establish their roles for the drill, plus his involvement as comfort.Westfield/Hamilton, Fishers/Marion CERTGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
10/11/2014Bozeman MT Airport drillProvide emotional support to (actors) uninjured and awaiting family members after a simulated plane crash. Coordinate with Red Cross and airport personnell.Gallatin Field Airport AuthoritySusan Ellis (HAR); Harry Schlitz (TL); Tanya Vaught (TL); and Nancy Dodd & Yuiki, Suzy Saltiel & Quinn, Linda Karell & chervil, Lori Jacobs & StellaRMR
12/07/2014Rimrock Shopping Mall
Drill/event dealing with large numbers of people in stress mode
Provide support to shoppers during a stress-filled time

Multiple age -group population
Rimrock Shopping Mall
Billings, MT
Harry Schlitz and Tanya Vaught as Team Leaders; Jo Acton & Kelly; Lyn Findley & SierraRMR