Events 2014

01/08/2014BlueRockFireRescueAttended meeting to network, serve and make connections with Fire support group. Amos Hess-PresidentTrish Hess & Abby
01/13/2014Forest View Rescue SquadMeeting forming a partnership between HOPE and Forest View John HilliardAnya Whitney
Janet Velenovsky & Oscar
01/14/2014 - 01/16/2014Dog Grooming Classesexplained the training required for Pet Therapy & HOPE AACR work to two Dog Grooming classes. Leigh ZiemczonekDiane Morse & Chloe
01/15/2014BlueRockFireRescueFire depart proves support groups, Fire Chief decides IF to call CISM and IF HopeAACR team requested. CISM not always called, but a support callout could include HopeAACR team to interact with first responders.Amos Hess-PresidentTrish Hess & Abby
01/24/2014Forest View Rescue SquadMeeting to evaluate the space offered by the rescue squad to see if it would meet the needs of HOPE for screenings.Anya Whitney
Janet Velenovsky & Oscar
01/29/2014Massachusetts VOAD small meeting of the key, core MA VOAD members. Brinkley and I got a lot of attention and explained HOPE training, continuing education, what we do,Steve Napoli MA VOAD ChairNed Polan BrinkleyEUS
01/30/2014DeTour Fire Department and AmbulancePresentation and introduction to HOPE&;#039;s role for the members of a volunteer fire department and ambulance service.Chuck LanningNick Meier & Katie Lynn
Julia Meier & Jett
02/01/2014Strange’s FloristStrange’s Dog Days in The Garden, a community exposure event with various groups Anya Whitney & Winnie
Janet Velenovsky & Oscar
Jeremy D’Errico & Kaiya
02/05/2014Hamilton County CERTAssisted with Cert training class Juliet. Jon BaldwinGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
02/07/2014VA VOADParticipated in Executive Committee conference call, planning for spring meeting. report on HOPE’s activities at Washington Navy YardB. PhilcrantzJanet Velenovsky & Oscar
02/12/2014Drummond Island Emergency Ambulance Servicewe presented the power point presentation by HOPE. We explained our mission, our regions and numbers, the screening process, the workshop, continuing education of all members. Pam EllisNick Meier & Katie Lynn
Julia Meier & Jett
02/13/2014VA VOADParticipated in a conference call of VA VOAD members and VA Dept. of Emergency Mgmt B. PhilcrantzJanet Velenovsky & Oscar
02/13/2014Eastern Upper Peninsula Crisis Response Team Meetingvideo conference held at the Hiawatha Behavioral Health Center in Sault Ste. Marie, MI Crisis Services Manager for the county, very receptive to HOPEAACR
Nicholas Meier
Julia Meier
02/20/2014Rocky Mountain High SchoolAnnual Health FairKelly GlickJennifer VonLintel & CopperRMR
02/26/2014HOPE presentation to schoolspecial day school focused on language based learning issues are studying the concept of “Service, Oscar and I visited three separate groupsB HollingsworthJanet Velenovsky & OscarEUS
03/06/2014Attended a lecture concerned both security of personal information.Patricia Hess & Abby
Gail Thompson & Tani
03/12/2014Hamilton County CERTPhysiological First Aid training portion. WE cover the differences between search/rescue working dogs vs crisis comfort dogs. The value of having Comfort dogs on site. Class then fully interacted with Charlie.Jon BaldwinGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
03/12/2014Safety ConferenceDisplay. Billings, MT.
Cyndi CaseHarry Schlitz (TL), Lyn Findley & SunnieRMR
03/14/2014BlueRockFireRescueI serve as secretary of this group. They have welcomed us as a HopeAACR team. All the members take time to interact with Abby.Patricia Hess & Abby
03/16/2014Christian Fellowship churchlocal churches are developing disaster plans, and partnering with ReadyIndy, Salvation Army and crisis counselors. We were invited as part of their caring section of the training to share experiences in times of Crisis

Neil CoxGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
03/20/2014Michigan VOADquarterly meeting MI VOAD. Presentation by HOPE Nicholas Meier & Katie Lynn
Julia Meier & Jett
03/26/2014Homeland Security, Western MA Regional COADs
Regional Homeland Security/Western Massachusetts Summit of Community Organizations Active in Disasters. gained valuable repeated exposure to top MAVOAD, FEMA, NOVA and Red Cross state leadersTracy Rogers, Franklin Regional Council of GovernmentsNed Polan & BrinkleyEUS
03/29/2014Medical Reserve Corpspresentation on HOPE AACR and emotional care in the psychological first aid segment Kathleen Conley NorbutNed Polan & BrinkleyEUS
04/02/2014MA VOADattended the Massachusetts VOAD . Net working.Steve NapoliNed Polan & BrinkleyEUS
04/08/2014Mercyhurst UniversityProvided educational presentation to Mercyhurst University students who were taking a crisis intervention courseYvonne Eaton-Stull & Maggie
04/08/2014Yellowstone County Relay for LifeNetwork with survivors and caregiversCathy CullenHarry Schlitz (TL), Lyn Findley & SunnieRMR
04/12/2014Lancaster Emergency Management ServicesGail Thompson was honored by VOADMichael NelsonGail Thompson & Tani
Trish Hess
04/16/2014State Superintendent of SchoolsAnnual conferenceState Superintendent of SchoolsLori Jacobs (TL), Roberta Ellis & Sienna, Gala Goodwin & Zeke, Rebecca Annis & Ursa
04/16/2014Fallon County, MT DES/911DisplayChuck LeeHarry Schlitz RMR
04/22/2014Northern Virginia Community College, Loudoun Campus1st annual Northern Virginia Community College “Take Back the Night” Negar EhsaniJanice Jensen & Dixie
Imelda Rocha & Bruno
04/24/2014Paws and RefreshLake Superior State University-Counseling Office. pre-final examination stress reduction activity. Kristen Larsen, MSWNicholas Meier & Katie LynnEUS
04/26/2014Heroes on the WaterHeroes on the Water helps wounded warriors relax, rehabilitate, and reintegrate through kayak. Chris ThomasGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
04/26/2014Hampshire Emergency Animal Response TeamPet Health and Safety Fair. Team had the HOPE exhibit Joyce HanousekNed Polan & Brinkley
04/30/2014Salvation Army- MInet working/ establish a working relationship with the Director. James WarfieldNicholas Meier & Katie Lynn
Julia Meier & Jett
05/14/2014BlueRockFireRescue Scheduled meeting, Fire commissioner was present as Public Info officer at the recent drill and commented positively on the HopeAACR dogs.Amos HessPatricia Hess & Abby
05/18/2014Lancaster General Health-EMS PicnicEMS week celebration at the Lancaster Public Safety Training Center.Patricia Hess & Abby
Gail Thompson and Tani
05/19/2014Harkness Career &;Vocational Center3- Hope Presentation Pat Perry & Karen TamDiane Morse & Chloe
05/26/2014Veterans' Memorial Day EventGreeting at dedication of Yellowstone County MT National Veteran's Cemetery (Laurel, MT)Gerard Lyons, VA-AdministrationHarry Schlitz (TL), Tayna Vaught & GinnieRMR
05/27/2014Harkness Career &;Vocational Center3- Hope Presentation Pat Perry & Karen TamDiane Morse & Chloe
06/02/2014Rotary Internationalguest speakers at the Westfield, MA Rotary Club meeting. outlined HOPE AACR work & accomplishmentsJennifer GruszkaNed Polan & BrinkleyEUS
06/04/2014Bozeman High School, Bozeman, MTPresentation and Q&A with at risk high school studentsCassie Ubaldo, TeacherVal Bickwemert & Zamba, Gail Goodwin & ZekeRMR
06/09/2014LEPC CommunicationPresentationYellowstone County, MTHarry Schlitz (TL)RMR
06/10/2014Clarence Middle Schoolpresentation to several special needs classes at one time. Terry WojtecrekDiane Morse & Chloe
06/11/2014Novartis PharmaceuticalsHope presentation-shared the Keynote presentation spot with a nationally known author and trainer of service dogsRobert Goldsmith, Exec Dir Corporate HealthNed Polan & BrinkleyEUS
06/12/2014Harkness Career &;Vocational Center3- Hope Presentation Pat Perry & Karen TamDiane Morse & Chloe
06/16/2014Aquanut Adaptive Aquatics with Adaptive Aquatics comfort and distraction
Encouraged and cheered on reluctant, nervous participants. Age ranged from young children through adults with disabilities
Sue RicheySusan Johansen & Sophia
06/23/2014U.S. NavyReceipt of U.S. Navy Merit Award for Group Achievement
Navy Director Ned Polan & Brinkley
Janet Velenovsky & Oscar
Janice Jenson & Dixie
Shellie Goldstein & Emma
Burton Goldstein & Bear
T/L: Janet Velenovsky
06/26/2014Michigan VOAD meetingHOPE- AACR was officially voted in as a member Ken SutterJulia Meier & Jetta
Nick Meier & Katie Lynn
07/02/2014Berkshire County COADHOPE presentation to Berkshire County COAD meetingTracy Rogers, Regional Preparedness Prog MgrNed Polan & BrinkleyEUS
07/09/2014MA VOADParticipated in MA VOAD Steve Napoli MA VOAD ChairNed Polan & BrinkleyEUS
07/15/2014Central VA Medical Reserve CorpsHOPE presentation and will be included on their alert network so I can review opportunities for HOPE to be of serviceAmy VincentJanet Velenovsky & OscarEUS
07/21/2014Aquanut Adaptive Aquatics with the Great Lakes Adaptive Ski Association(3) girls in wheelchairs were present for this event, encouragement and to help ease the wait time between turns out on the water.Susan Janowski-RicheyTerri Rafter TL
Susan Johansen & Sophia
Jamie Altman & Bowzer
Julie Bereckis & Boston
07/28/2014Aquanut Adaptive Aquatics Autism Clinicencouragement 10 children with autism, elementary - high school age and their families/care takers, teachers. Susan Janowski-RicheyTerri Rafter TL
Susan Johansen & Sophia
Jamie Altman & Bowzer
07/29/2014Billings Mustangs baseball gameTable DisplayMT Gov. Office, Ms.Betsy MillerHarry Schlitz (TL)RMR
08/05/2014National Night Out Multiple emergency response agencies & Public. Manor Township PDPatricia Hess & Abby
08/05/2014National Night Out - West Seneca, NYevent allows us continue to spread the word on the good work that HOPE AACRWest Seneca Police DepartmentDiane Morse & Chloe
Kathleen Kremer & Sadie
08/13/2014MA VOADVOAD meeting review of Revere tornado service.Steve NapoliNed Polan & BrinkleyEUS
08/14/2014Aquanut Adaptive Aquatics with the Great Lakes Adaptive Ski AssociationWounded Warriors event as well as their spouses and their children.Susan Janowski-RicheyTerri Rafter TL
Susan Johansen & Sophia
Becky Jankowski & Lizzy
Deb Jones & Bailey
09/06/2014Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Role PlayThe International Critical Incident Stress Foundation was conducting a two day Group Crisis Intervention Training class that was part of the training for Crisis Response Team members.Eastern Upper Peninsula Crisis Response TeamNicholas Meier & Katie Lynn
Julia Meier & Jett
09/08/2014Heroes on the WaterApproximately 30 service veterans attended their day of support, caring and community by kayaking, fishing and enjoying the outdoors together. They enjoyed the fact Charlie came out to see them in the kayak, petted him as they talked and were happy to be able have something to tell their wives and kids about, besides veterans “stuff”.Chris ThomasGayle Sprinkle & Charlie
09/10/2014Blue Rock Fire Rescue SupportRoutine meeting. I am elected secretary and Abby is HopeAACR comfort dog for this fire districtPatricia Hess & Abby
09/10/2014Western MA COAD Western MA COAD on HOPE callout by Red Cross to Revere, MA tornado. About 20 regional disaster response agencies were present.Western MA COAD
Tracey Rogers
Ned Polan &BrinkleyEUS
McGuire Conference on family violence

Informational HOPE Booth and K-9 teams

Billings, MT Police Department

Harry Schlitz (TL), Tanya Vaught (TL), Shelia Ruble & Quigley, Lyn Findley & Sunnie, Lyn Findley & SierraRMR
12/1/2014Nortre Dame DeNemur College Bay Area, CAHOPE speaking at a Ph.D. class on Human/Animal Bond and HealingNortre Dame DeNemur CollegeJeannie Eagan & AnniePSW
12/8/2014Arizona State University Rest and RelaxSupport students during finalsArizona State UniversityPam Reinke & Hope, Diane Spence & Cocco, Marsha Sturm & Naelee, Donna Black & GabrielPSW
12/12/2014Mayor of Phoenix Media EventMayors Media Event honoring those who served during the flood recoveryCity of Phoenix
Mayor's Office
Jeanette Wood & Callie,
Pam Reinke & Hope