HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response

HOPE AACR gives Comfort in Times of Crisis by bringing emotional support with our specially-trained dog and handler teams.

Animal Teams Trained for Comfort in Times of Crisis

HOPE’S Mission: To provide comfort and encouragement through animal-assisted support to individuals affected by crises and disasters.

HOPE AACR has been serving people affected by disasters and traumatic events, free of charge, since 2001. We are proud of the great work our teams do!

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Thank you for considering donating to HOPE AACR! Please know that we are an all-volunteer non-profit organization. All donations and support go towards defraying costs associated with training and certifying new crisis teams, developing training programs and materials, and helping to reduce the out of pocket expenses our members incur when they deploy.

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HOPE Can Help Bring Comfort

Hope Animal-Assisted Crisis Response is prepared to lend assistance to relief organizations by sending Certified Animal-Assisted Crisis Response teams where you need them most. We have experienced teams consisting of canines and handlers that are trained and tested to be able to respond under the stresses of crisis response work. HOPE AACR teams are ready to work side by side with you. All HOPE AACR members are insured under a $2 million dollar general liability policy, background checked, and never self-deploy.

Emotional Relief Organizations

Emergency Responders

Schools, Hospitals, Chaplains

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Local or National, HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response is ready to help!
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All services are provided without charge

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