Memorial: The Rainbow Bridge

I am going a long way

Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow

Nor ever wind blows loudly; but it lies

Deep meadowed, happy, fair with orchard lawns

And bowery hollows crowned with summer sea…..

 ~ A. Lord Tennyson – 1850 ~

To read the Memorial for each amazing member, canine or human, please click on the In Memoriam link. We are grateful for our amazing team members.

Jetta Spaetzel In Memoriam – Jetta

Josie Vance  In Memoriam – Josie

Gracie Singer In Memorian – Gracie

Sofie Kohler  In Memoriam – Sofie

Skook Martin  In Memoriam – Skook

Applejack McLaurin In Memoriam – Applejack

Kenzie Julian  In Memoriam – Kenzie

Janie Rideout  In Memoriam – Janie

Roxanne & Elwood Lechner In Memoriam – Roxanne & Elwood

Sonny Prinnki In Memoriam – Sonny

Mary Jo Burke & Annie In Memoriam – Mary Jo & Annie

Brinkley Hatherly In Memoriam – Brinkley

Mason McNamara In Memoriam – Mason

Summer Huntley In Memoriam – Summer

Tanner Diubaldi In Memoriam – Tanner

Tikva Hatherly In Memoriam – Tikva

Christie Welch In Memoriam – Christie

Clifford Singer In Memoriam – Clifford