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Thank you for considering giving to HOPE! Your donation directly supports our mission to provide comfort and encouragement through animal-assisted support to individuals affected by crises and disasters.

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Michelle & Peter's Epic Journey/Fundraiser for HOPE AACR Continues!

Part 2: Peter is now on his journey across the country! He began his journey on April 10, 2024 and Peter is running from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Newport, Oregon. Please consider donating to HOPE AACR per Peter’s request!

Part 1: Michelle and her dog Kip are members of HOPE AACR. Michelle’s fundraising walk across America began September 9, 2023 in Carlsbad, CA. Michelle walked 2,600 miles to raise funds for HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response and we are so grateful for her efforts! Her husband, Peter, drove the support van along the way, with Kip co-piloting most of the way. Michelle, Peter and Kip planned and trained for this epic journey for 4 years!

Michelle completed her 2,600 mile journey on January 20, 2024 when she stepped into the Atlantic Ocean! Congratulations Michelle, Peter and Kip! Visit our Facebook page to watch the video!

You can follow Peter’s journey on their Facebook page and donate on our page. Click on the Give Online button on our Donate & Support page and select the HOPE Across America Walk 2023 button to support Michelle, Peter and Kip’s 2,600 mile journey! You can follow them virtually on their journey on social media: HOPE Across America Walk-Kip

In-Kind Donation Wish List

Funds or in-kind donations gratefully accepted.  Key needs include:

  • Funds to support sending teams to crisis and disaster sites (hotels, gas, airfare, meals)
  • In-kind donation of an independent audit to support grant proposals and Combined Federal Campaign application
  • Free or low cost teleconference services to support callout coordination and organization operations
  • Reduced cost insurance coverage – our volunteers are covered by liability, medical and Officers insurance – lowering insurance costs would enable us to send more teams to disaster sites
  • Video about HOPE – Need a project for school?  We need a video to tell our story!
  • Expanding new volunteer training
  • Public relations – website, brochures, business cards
  • Dues for membership in local, state and National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

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Thank you donors!

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