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What It Means to Be a HOPE Member

By becoming a HOPE Member, you’ll make a difference in your community by providing emotional comfort and support to people affected by crises and disasters. Science has shown animals are a positive factor in helping people cope with traumatic events, and HOPE works to bring those positive effects into the real world.

HOPE’s Canine/Handler Teams are trained and tested to be effective and professional while working in stressful, unpredictable environments. HOPE Members work side-by-side with relief organizations, first responders, and community groups to help people in need.

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Form a Team With Your Canine, or Become a Team Leader.

HOPE AACR provides our service through Response Groups of canine and handler teams and a Team Leader.  HOPE Members and their canines are specially trained as Canine/Handler Teams, and work directly with agencies in need to respond to disasters or traumatic events.

HOPE Members without canines can become Team Leaders. Team Leaders are trained to supervise and support the canine/handler teams, and ensure that both our Response Groups and the people we serve receive all of the information they need.

Whether you become a Canine/Handler Team or a Team Leader, all of our members receive certification training and participate in continuing education, to meet with the highest standards.

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Helping People Begin to Heal.

The work that HOPE teams do in the field has real and tangible impact that goes beyond measure. Our animal-assisted response teams help people begin the process of coping and healing in the wake of tragic events.

“Both dogs were magnificent. We put them in a down-stay position and allowed the kids to say their enthusiastic hellos. The children were touching and pulling and petting and stroking. I counted seven hands on Brinkley at one instant in time.”
— Response, Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, Louisiana

“This work is so rewarding….and our dogs can do so much to help folks on their way to healing and coping with a minimum of intervention…”
— Response, death of a firefighter, Independence, Oregon

“Our dogs act as a bridge, an ice-breaker, to allow people to talk about their personal tragedies in a safe environment, and thus begin the healing & recovery process…they gave the firefighters a comfortable way to relieve their stress and exhaustion…”
— Response, San Bernardino Wild Fires, California

“Every adult present, both before and after the dogs’ arrival, felt the dog teams were invaluable in diffusing the children’s high emotions. The dogs did a beautiful job and were very gentle with the children.”
— Response, accidental shooting of a student, Bozeman, Montana

Have you experienced the healing that HOPE response teams can bring? Tell us about it! We would love to hear your story.

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