Attempted Suicide of Student on Campus

Start Date: 2021-11-18

Description: We were asked to visit a middle school where a 13 year old female student attempted suicide on campus. We were stationed in the library where students who needed emotional support could visit with Abby. There were also counselors available when requested. At 9:30 am, each teacher read a statement to their class about what had happened the day before. To many students, this was the first notice they had of what occurred. Immediately afterwards, students started coming into the library and sitting on the floor next to Abby. Many were crying and Abby did what she has been trained to do. At one point, we were asked to visit a classroom. A student was sitting alone at a table where the female student always sat. It was truly heartbreaking to watch him trying to control his emotions.

Agency: Orange County Department of Education Crisis Response Network
Teams: None