Berks County Intermediate Unit Camp Connect

Start Date: 06/25/2019


This camp is run by Berks County IU which provides special services to students in public and private schools pre-k through HS. This is a grief camp. We were told most of the deaths were drug related. When we arrived, the camp director ran up to us and requested we see a girl outside the group. She was crying, upset and counselor trying to calm her down.The group had just done a memorial ceremony and lit candles. She immediately connected with Abby, the smaller dog, and was able to pet Libby's back. She returned to the group. Children were called in groups of 3 to visit the dogs. They were able to hug the dogs, Libby rolled over for belly rubs, and the children were shown how to hold Abby safely. The girl we initially saw interacted with both dogs. She was able to pet Libby's head and was much calmer.

Agency: Berks County Intermediate Unit

A Hess and Liberty
T Hess and Abby