Cal Fire Peer Support

Start Date: 01/25/2021


HOPE AACR was asked to respond to the Riverside County/Cal Fire stations in conjunction with the Cal Fire Peer Support Team to help firefighters destress after dealing with fires, forced overtime and Covid 19 since last February. Teams were split up between the West side and the East side of Riverside county. Constance and Kelda visited the West side stations (see Constance's report) and Henry and I visited the East side stations. Henry and I visited 7 fire stations during the day and interacted with 21 firefighters. We encountered all kinds of weather. As I was getting off the freeway in Banning, it was snowing. There was snow, rain and wind. All in all, we had a very productive day and I feel our presence was needed and appreciated. One of my favorite quotes I heard was after one of the firefighters was commenting on the lack of crisis dogs at the fire base camps due to Covid 19. He said "We were upset the dogs weren't allowed at the base camps last year because we all know we miss our dogs more than our spouses".

Agency: Cal Fire

Constance Howell - Kelda