Support Canine SAR in Cedar (MI)

Start Date: 04/30/2022


Kristen and Kay deployed to Cedar, MI to provide support for the Alpena County Search and Rescue team and the family of a missing person. Staging for the search teams and the indoor venue (town hall) where the family was were at different places - approximately 1/4 mile apart. One HOPE team was sent up to the town hall and the other team stayed at the search team staging site. Once the search teams were briefed and went out on the search, both teams were at the town hall. On occasion, one team would take a walk and check in at the search team staging area. There were about 30 people on the search teams with several different organizations represented. There were about 20 family members and friends of the family that showed up at the town hall at various times. The search teams and the family were very appreciative of having Comet and Maia there. As the search teams came back, they came to the townhall to get warm and get something to eat. The family provided fantastic food and beverages. The rain came in at about 1700hrs and the teams that were out were called back in due to the hazardous conditions of the terrain. Though the search found more "information", it did not find the missing person. A redeployment for another search is a possibility.

Agency: Alpena County Search and Rescue

Kay Rice and Maia
Kristen Smith and Comet