COVID vaccination clinics. Park County Health Dept

Start Date: 2021-04-08

Description: Katherine: These visits were so rewarding. The response was extremely welcoming and receptive. Over four days , Layla and I had so many memorable encounters, usually around conversation of past and present dogs in people’s lives. We visited with 25-30 people each visit When we were first asked to attend, I thought we might do a couple visits, but we all enjoyed the interaction so much we kept going! Great venue for HOPE exposure to Park County. Carol: Maggie and I visited two times, interacting with up to 30 people each time. People seemed relieved and upbeat. Most welcomed. Maggie and many shared stories and photos of their dogs. Lots of opportunity to educate folks about HOPE. A good experience for Maggie and me. Good to be out again. Gail: Lamar and I had a good time visiting on 3 different days. Clinics were well organized and everyone seemed very upbeat.

Agency: LEPC and Park County Health Dept.
Teams: Carol. Baumann and Maggie. Gail Richardson and Lamar