Coyote Ridge Early Childhood, Colorado

Start Date: 02/03/2020


Copper and I were asked to respond to support staff members following a student death. We arrived before school and met briefly with 2 teachers. They were preparing their classroom for the day but would come over and talk to Copper every few minutes. We spoke briefly about the student they lost. We planned to have any students come visit with Copper as they started their day. We felt that may bring a different focus to the day and limit any questions students had about the death. The teachers appreciated having something else to focus on. Parents were asked at the door if their child could visit with Copper. Out of the 12 students, we only had 2 that came to visit. Students ranged in age from 3-4 years old and had a set routine in the morning that included breakfast. We had several students that waved to us from the breakfast table. Towards the end of breakfast, the teacher thanked us for coming. We had several students stop us in the hallway as we were exiting the early childhood classrooms and heading back to the main office. They were all very excited to see a dog at school and everyone asked before interacting with Copper.

Agency: Thompson School District