Supporting CSPD at ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Training/Work event, Colorado

Start Date: 07/24/2019


Members of a special task force of the CSPD and the Sherrifis Department , and others from across the country were at the Antler’s Hotel for a week of training and work involving crimes against children. The officers were in training for mental health techniques to help them cope with the work that they do. After the training portion of their week, our teams were invited to help the officers as they looked at over a million pictures of crimes agains children. As they spent time working, they needed to decompress. They would come out of their training room and headed right for the dogs. We were a distraction for the horrible things they were seeing inside. Our dogs gave them a chance to decompress and think of happy things. The trainers were thrilled we were there to help the officers as were the officers

Agency: CSPD Techinical Investigations

Janice and Lucas; Lee and Grace; Stacy and Roxie