EMS Responders Week

Start Date: 2022-05-19

Description: The Hope EUS “Band” posting listed: “HOPE has been asked to attend and provide support to EMS responders for EMS week. We will be present during rotating lunches to help make a very laid back and positive experience for the staff of 100.” The event turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. We first met dispatchers who were genuinely delighted to interact with Meg. Then a relatively small number of staff, who appeared to be principally clocking in or out at shift change, stopped in a break room for a bowl of ice cream—no lunch, no greeting by management indicating they were appreciated (but at least with a Large selection of toppings). Few seemed to be significantly interested in relaxation or canine comfort. In fact Meg, who is always very attentive and responsive to peoples’ needs, was quite bored. For most of the time it was just Meg, me, the ice cream and hot fudge servers and the manager who contacted Hope originally (because she was present at a friend’s Yellow Ribbon deployment in California that Hope attended)—I know Yellow Ribbon events—this was no Yellow Ribbon event.

Agency: National Ambulance Service
Teams: None